Biz Mimar
Engineering your business

Providing Data Mining, Analysis, Insights & Reporting to help you make a decision .

Reputation Scanning

What are the websites, Forums, Social Media saying about you ?

Brand Ranking

What's your Brand ranking among your competitors ?

Why you need data analysis



Answering Business Question

We can help you answer these questions , and more , using our thorough , inclusive , and up-to-date data analysis tools .

Make informed decision


As a manager or a decision maker you are faced with tough decisions every day . For a long time managers and leaders have been relying on luck and gut-feeling to make decisions that more often than not can decide the course of the entire organization .

Understand your market

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Market research is an integral part of every successful business organization in the world regardless of their activity . By learning your customers’ tastes and preferences , latest technologies and business models that might disrupt your entire business model , and your competition’s stand in the market .

Predict outcomes

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Business analytics is essential for setting your business goals and adjusting your sales objectives in a realistic manner according to your organization’s past performance and standard market benchmarks .



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